Ron House started his theatrical career as member of the 2nd City Company in his native Chicago.  He then moved to Europe where he lived in Rome followed by  Barcelona and finally London,  where he founded  “Low Moan Spectacular”, the London underground Theatre Company that was responsible for Off Broadway hit  “El Grande De Coca Cola” which ran for 3 years in New York and was produced by Gil Adler (Superman and Valkyrie).  The next big hit was “Bullshot Crummond” which ran in London, New York, Los Angeles & in San Francisco for 4 years.  It won the certificate of Honor from Diane Feinstein.  “Bullshot” was produced as a film by late Beatle George Harrison and directed by Dick Clement and co-produced by Ian La Frenais. From 2006 – 2010, Ron served as Artistic Director of the HiDesert Cultural Center in Joshua Tree, California. He currently works as an actor and writer in Los Angeles Mr. House is also associated with the Los Angeles Film School. Ron House’s California Schemin’ has been filmed by the Los Angeles Film School, and is under consideration by the Chicago Comedy Film Festival this November 2014.

Ron is married to Cecilia Dighero-Traverso of Valparaíso, Chile and spends a good amount of time in South America.  Ron speaks fluent Spanish and is conversational in French, Italian and German which was essential when he and Alan Shearman (the other original member and linguist in Low Moan Spectacular) created “El Grande de Coca Cola” where no English is spoken.   Mr. House is a five-time published playwright plus he has 2 produced films.  He will present his latest work “Decorum Maintained” in Los Angeles in the 2013 season. This work was inspired by personal experiences while working as an underbutler in the London townhouse of Klaus and Sonny VonBulow.

E-mail at ronaldhouse@sbcglobal.net

More information on Ron House:

Article on Ron House

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