Stage Scene LA:…”It’s been nearly four decades since British master police detective wannabe Hugh “Bullshot” Crummond made his stage debut, doing his darnedest to outwit fiendish German villain Otto Von Bruno and his seductive “niece” Lenya to the delight of audiences in England and the United States.  Co-creator Ron House now brings back Bullshot, the Von Brunos, Bullshot’s blushing bride Rosemary, and a host of other outlandish 1930s characters in Bullshot Crummond & The Invisible Bride Of Death, getting its world premiere production at North Hollywood’s Whitmore-Lindley Theatre.  The result is as hilarious and inventive a show as you’re likely to see this or any other holiday/New Year’s season.” – Steven Stanley
Read Full Review “…Written and directed by Ron House, Bullshot Crummond and The Invisible Bride of Death is a comedy you won’t forget because you won’t be able to control your laughter, it is that funny; different from anything you have probably ever seen or ever will see. The cast of many, performed to perfection by five unbelievable outstanding performers will keep you amazed throughout as they go through the antics of all of the characters in this play.” – Carol Kaufman Segal
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Culture Mob “…BULLSHOT CRUMMOND AND THE INVISIBLE BRIDE OF DEATH is what live stage all about: funny, thrilling, theatrical in nearly every possible way, and a knockout cast delivering bravura performances across the board. Hollywood made at least a dozen Bulldog Drummond sequels in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Here’s hoping Ron House and company will deliver at least that many revisits with Crummond.” – George Oakley
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